Expected Water Damage Reconstruction for New Haven Homes

Needed Water Damage Reconstruction in New Haven?

Water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes describes several actions necessary to return the property to pre-loss condition after damaging incidents. From leaks to burst pipes, exposure to water can impact many building materials, including those that create wall assemblies, such as drywall, insulation, and wood framing. Reconstruction and repair by professionals like our CRS team focus on removing damaged elements and replacing them Even Better Than Before.

Post-Disaster Controlled Demolition

Among the first steps of water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes is removing any damaged construction elements from the house to expose damaged areas of the property that require restoration and recovery services. We work alongside restoration professionals to ensure this demolition process happens as efficiently as possible to allow our later reconstruction efforts to begin seamlessly. Some elements requiring removal include:

  • Drywall
  • Baseboards
  • Flooring
  • Insulation

Accessing Damaged Plumbing

Our contractors also must work to repair any damage to utilities, especially the plumbing system, that could have allowed the water damage to the house. Broken pipes or leaks can be resolved and replaced while the structural cavities are exposed following the controlled demolition process.

Starting at the Studs

With much of the building materials removed and the necessary repairs to the plumbing achieved, we can begin back with the basic elements of wood framing to start the reconstruction process. Wood framing is the skeletal structure of the household, so we evaluate the structural integrity of these items and replace studs and header boards were needed if water damage is present in these areas. This action also helps to reduce damage like mold growth.

Replacing Missing Wall Assemblies

When returning a wall to its former appearance, we must work in reverse from the exposed studs back out to new surface materials with installed drywall panels. We re-insulate the area, ensure that any exposed utilities are secure and undamaged, and cover the walls with new boards. It is vital to ensure that any moisture in this portion of the house has been completely resolved before reconstruction completes.

Repainting and Refinishing

With full sheets of drywall installed and the home’s structural elements replaced to their former appearances, we can begin the finishing touches on the household. We want to work to match paint from undamaged walls to newly constructed ones. If more efficient, we can repaint the entire impacted room to provide a solid structural color and not show where work has been completed to repair the household after the water damage incidents.

Post-disaster cleanup and reconstruction can be traumatic and overwhelming for property owners. We work closely with our partners with Servpro to promote a fast and reliable turnaround for your household to get things back to normal as fast as we can. You can count on our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to help at (203) 239-0040.

New Construction or Remodeling Options

Substantial loss incidents and water damage reconstruction in New Haven homes provide the window of opportunity to consider more aggressive remodeling and revamping of the affected spaces. When significant controlled demolition is necessary, and wall systems are already being mostly removed to accommodate the exposures to water damage and potential contaminants, this is a cost-efficient time to weigh the possibilities of remodeling if you so desire. Our professionals can help with the design and planning of this process.