CRS Professional Post Water Damage Reconstruction in Shelton

Residents in Shelton know that storms begin rolling in off the Long Island Sound regularly now. What many of us don’t realize is that when we travel for the weekend or longer, a failing water heater can send just as much water throughout our homes as a bad storm.

That is why, following a mishap, water damage reconstruction in Shelton homes is a priority for us here at Connecticut Reconstruction Services. Our teams understand the need, once the water removal and drying have been completed, to quickly repair every structure without sacrificing quality workmanship and providing a safe residence for owners and their families.

Among the more common water loss outcomes is the degradation of the floors and walls. We understand that to rebuild water or fire damaged structural elements; we need a dry and secure environment. We often work closely with several nearby SERVPRO franchises to ensure successful project completions. Once the initial cleanup and drying are concluded, our personnel can remove the warped floorboards, crumbling panels, and other damaged materials. Our skilled and diversely talented craftsmen can install new floorboards, linoleum, set tile, and continue up the walls of the structure in a planned build back effort.

Each of our team members train for each of these tasks and more. When a storm gets under the roof, or a pipe splits in the attic, they can replace not just the plumbing, but also any joists, trusses, and other support structures needed to keep the home safe and ready for the next disaster. We take pride in providing our clients with efficient and economical solutions to make their house a home again.

Depending on the severity of the damage, some homeowners turn their disaster into an opportunity. For example, when an insurance agency authorized full replacement of the damaged hardwood floors in one homeowner’s living room, she decided to upgrade the entire area. Our team helped the owner develop her remodeling plan to fit with a rapid repair schedule so that we could put her and her family into their ‘new’ living room as quickly as possible.

If your Shelton home has suffered due to the recent storms or a failed plumbing incident, contact us today at 203-239-0043. Connecticut Reconstruction Services is here to help you put it all back together, “Even better than before” the disaster.