CRS Offers Water Damage Reconstruction for Shelton Homes

Water Damage Reconstruction for a Shelton Bathroom

Bathrooms are some of the most heavily used rooms of the house, and this continuous use allows for regular wear on the plumbing and fixtures used. From burst pipes to backups, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team often must provide water damage reconstruction for Shelton homes after loss incidents.

How Did the Damage Occur? 

To begin water damage reconstruction of Shelton bathrooms, you must determine where the water came from and what factors influence the environment. Water damage reconstruction is always a component of severe water damage in bathroom spaces, and this becomes worse when incidents like toilet or bathtub backups are the cause of the water pooling on the flooring.

Pulling Up Damaged Flooring 

While many of the flooring materials used in the bathroom are water-resistant, they are not always waterproof. After prolonged contact with water, resistant materials can and do allow penetration beneath planks or individually installed flooring units to reach the subflooring material underneath.

Removing Ruined Fixtures 

Some of the seemingly permanent elements of your bathroom can be irreparably harmed by standing water or prolonged moisture contact. Fixtures like the vanity provide a functional space for your sink with storage and an elegant appearance. Water can destroy the base of this cabinet, forcing the entire system to be removed, including the sink, and replaced with a new assembly when restoration completes and the reconstruction process starts. Start water damage reconstruction services with the removal of ruined fixtures and materials.

Assessing the Condition of Bathroom Staples 

Even with all the work done to eliminate contaminated materials or to address excessive water damage to the building elements, further evaluation is necessary to determine if some of the staple fixtures in the room must also be replaced, resituated, or repaired in any way. Some of these considerations include the following:

  • Toilet – Excessive water can be an issue around your toilet, as there are only two main screws holding the unit to the floor, and any cracks or inadequacies in the toilet’s seal against the flooring material can require refitting this fixture and resealing it when new flooring gets installed.
  • Bathtub – Components of your bathroom should be built to last forever, but this isn’t always the case. When substantial water damage occurs from a different source, it can impact the structure supporting the bathtub or cause issues with the water-tight seal surrounding this fixture.
  • Shower – Showers can leak at seals around the doorways or have unexpected penetration points. We must determine where new materials and components might be necessary if these contribute to the current water damage reconstruction or could cause further issues in the future.

Understanding When Water Damage Reconstruction Is Needed

Connecticut Reconstruction Services understands that when water damage reconstruction in Shelton homes is needed, you have no time to waste. We provide a fast response to make it “Even Better Than Before” when you call (203) 239-0040.

Is Now the Right Time to Remodel?

When your bathroom area suffers severe damage that requires our competent contractors to remove damaged construction materials to the subflooring and wall studs, it can be an excellent time to consider remodeling and renovations of the room if this is a planned process for the future. The base materials are still present, and you can install new fixtures and premium building components to create a new look and function for this very important room.