CRS Offers Full Fire Damage Reconstruction of Hamden Homes

What Does Hamden Fire Damage Reconstruction Mean?

Fires do not stay in one place. As combustion moves the blaze from one area of the property to the next, many types of building materials, contents, and substances are involved. Connecticut Reconstruction Services helps with full fire damage reconstruction for homes. Reconstruction, as a whole, describes the combination of actions and efforts we complete to return your residence to its original condition before the fire.  

What is Salvageable?

When considering the fire damage reconstruction of Hamden homes, our responding contractors are first tasked with determining what can get saved. A careful evaluation of structural integrity can show which impacted building materials cannot be preserved with the restoration work. A qualified third-party structural engineer may advise on the reconstruction required to maintain code.

Fast and Deliberate Controlled Demolition

A key element of the reconstruction process is removing building materials ruined by the spread of the fire. Because this can be an alarming site for homeowners after a disaster, we limit the amount of demolition required. Reciprocal saws, hand tools, pry bars, and other deconstruction instruments help us to remove only the compromised structure for faster reconstruction.

Safe Handling of Debris and Bulk Materials

CRS must discard fire-damaged materials safely after they are removed and cleaned up. We follow strict protocols for containing soot particles and other possible contaminants while removing them from the building. We must also be mindful of cross-contamination concerns during this removal process. We are keeping your family safe from direct exposure to smoke-damaged building materials with our coordinated action for demolition and cleanup. 

Contractors to Rebuild After a Fire

As leading general contractors for post-fire recovery repairs and reconstruction, we understand what is needed to make damaged homes “Even Better Than Before.” We know how disruptive and jarring relocating your family can be after a fire, so we work fast to complete the needed build-back services to get you home again. We are involved with the process from the earliest mitigation to the final finishing or painting of the newly installed walls. Reconstruction can affect many areas of the property like:

  • Wall Assemblies
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Flooring / Subflooring
  • Roofs
  • Trusses and Underlayment

Fires can destroy homes and businesses throughout the state, and we are one of the most trusted contracting firms to help after these losses. You can reach our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team anytime by calling (203) 239-0040.