CRS Helps with Storm Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk

What Storm Damage Reconstruction is Needed in Norwalk?

Natural disasters continue to be one of the costliest circumstances impacting homes and businesses throughout the country. From tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms to Nor’easter winter weather events, the threats of extreme weather systems affecting Connecticut are greater than many homeowners might believe. Restoring and reconstruction to your Norwalk home after storm damage can be costlier the longer that you wait, and the first step is often to ensure your insurance provider is aware of your home’s condition and start the damage claim process so that work by professionals like our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team is at little or no out-of-pocket expense to you when possible.

Collapsed or Broken Structure 

Debris and falling trees can lead to a pressing need for storm damage reconstruction for Norwalk homes. Many areas of the house can become compromised by projectiles and broken limbs. It is important to assess these damages quickly to determine where reconstruction is necessary and, more importantly, when temporary tarping or board-up services are needed to prevent water penetration into the home. Some of the areas likely to become damaged by extreme weather events include:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Dormers
  • Soffit
  • Windows

Flooded Wall Systems Requiring Reconstruction

Experienced disaster reconstruction specialists are available when you need them. That is valuable when wall systems in your home or business suffer flood damage. Prolonged water exposure exacerbates absorption of porous materials like drywall, so these elements must often be discarded before restoration and replaced in the later stages.  

Water-Damaged Basements

The basement level of Connecticut homes is often a site greatly in need of storm damage reconstruction after natural disasters occur. Water penetration into the house naturally finds its way to the lowest levels, making the basement most heavily impacted by intruding floodwater. While restoration is the focus initially, many repairs are necessary, including replacing masonry foundations, concrete flooring, and wooden framework for the main structure.

Window Replacement 

It is not uncommon for windows and structural openings to suffer greatly during high windstorms and disastrous weather events. Broken windows are a vulnerability for your home, directly allowing water penetration in these areas. Board-up services prevent this moisture penetration while the restoration is underway. We can replace entire windows, including their frames and sills, depending on the damage experienced.

Siding Reinstallation and Repair 

High winds and damaging precipitation can also remove or threaten the veneer materials of your household. Siding is a common exterior installation, making it a likely surface type to be damaged by severe weather conditions. While full panels can be removed or broken, we must also inspect other aspects of the siding installation, like channeling and decorative pieces. Our experience in exterior repairs allows us to quickly manage the reinstallation of siding to prevent greater water and runoff exposure for the house that could ruin the exposed wall assemblies.

Storms impact homes and businesses in hundreds of ways, and our experienced restoration and recovery team can help however required. From cleanup to intricate build-back and repairs, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can help when you need it. When disasters strike Norwalk, and you need storm damage reconstruction, we can make it Even Better Than Before when you call (203) 239-0040.