Connecticut Reconstruction Services Promotes National Breast Cancer Month for October

Connecticut Reconstruction Services proudly supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and wants to raise awareness for early detection and treatment for breast cancer.

Since 1985, October has been observed as the month to promote the use of mammograms and other screening methods for breast cancer. As one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers among women, breast cancer has a greater potential for a positive outcome the earlier the condition gets diagnosed.

While yearly checkups are available for many women, some women in rural, urban, and low-income households may have difficulty getting screened. The Breast Cancer Foundation works to bring mobile testing and other prevention methods to these underserved women as just one of the many ways they support the fight towards eradicating breast cancer.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services wants to help women in the community get the assistance and aid they need to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation help cover the cost of mammograms and other support services. Give generously and get more information on this worthy cause here: