Storm Damage Reconstruction New Haven CT

Common Storm Damages Requiring Repair on New Haven Homes

Fierce storm systems are nothing new to those living here in New Haven, having seen substantial structural losses after hurricanes like Irene and Sandy, flood and emergency plans have become commonplace for residents and business owners alike. Picking up the pieces after these considerable losses is essential to begin right away, and reconstruction and repairs are a substantial portion of the needed work in these damaged properties.

Storm Damage Reconstruction for New Have, CT

After the formidable force of severe weather events, storm damage reconstruction for New Haven homes is often necessary. Some structural impairments are more common than others after these destructive natural disasters. While it can benefit homeowners to have a hurricane plan, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team prepares to help our communities in a more literal sense. We have a roster of skilled contractors with years of experience in the building trades to assess the immediate damage and begin repairing these breaches and weaknesses.

Roof Damage 

With winds strong enough to uproot trees or snap limbs, roof damage is a highly likely point of structural damage for your residence. Collapsed portions of your roof can welcome external threats like runoff and direct rainfall, making it far more probable to contend with flooding as well. We can replace damaged underlayment material like plywood and insulation, replace joists, and shingle the roof surface to match the existing shade. Our commitment to the top brands can ensure that we are providing a permanent repair.

Windows and Siding

Exterior threats like sheered-off siding can often get attributed to the higher winds during a hurricane. Exposed wood beneath your siding can be highly vulnerable to water absorption and damage, which can make it likely that not only will we need to replace the missing siding from the house, we also need to remove underlying structural assemblies like plywood, OSB board, insulation, and sometimes even drywall. We have the qualified contractors to reinstall these discarded materials quickly to get you back into your house after a hurricane.

No matter how our team of contractors can help after a loss incident, give Connecticut Reconstruction Services a call today at (203) 239-0040.

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