Mold Damage Reconstruction Needs for Norwalk Homes

When Is Mold Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Required The development of mold in your home can be one of the more challenging situations your property faces. Effective cleanup and remediation must get underway, and part of this involves the mold damage reconstruction in Norwalk that our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team provides. These repairs or demolition … Read more

CRS Offers Full Fire Damage Reconstruction of Hamden Homes

What Does Hamden Fire Damage Reconstruction Mean? Fires do not stay in one place. As combustion moves the blaze from one area of the property to the next, many types of building materials, contents, and substances are involved. Connecticut Reconstruction Services helps with full fire damage reconstruction for homes. Reconstruction, as a whole, describes the … Read more

CRS Provides Mold Damage Reconstruction for Waterbury Homes

What if Mold Damage Reconstruction in Waterbury is Needed As with all disasters and emergencies in Waterbury, properties differ in the damage these circumstances can do. Homeowners look to the experience and customer-focused attention of our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to help after you discover fungi growth in your household. We provide mold damage reconstruction … Read more

Objectives of CRS Fire Damage Reconstruction in Waterbury

Fast Fire Damage Reconstruction for Waterbury Homes When fire damage reconstruction in Waterbury homes is needed, many look to the experienced contractors of our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team. We understand the objectives of successful build-back after these disasters, beginning with our team’s earliest actions to the final touches on newly constructed walls and flooring. After … Read more

CRS Provides Water Damage Reconstruction for Norwalk Homes

The Focus of Water Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Water spreads rapidly in a disaster, making the need for water damage reconstruction in Norwalk homes more common than many think. With the fast response of our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team, we can work through repairs and build-back needs that make it Even Better Than Before. Common … Read more

Hamden Fire Damage Reconstruction

When Fire Damage Reconstruction in Hamden is Needed Fires are among the most destructive disasters a property can face, so Connecticut Reconstruction Services is often called upon for fire damage reconstruction in Hamden residences. Build-back services, including initial actions like a controlled demolition, are vital in preventing greater harm to the structure and pushing the … Read more

CRS Provides Water Damage Reconstruction for Norwalk Homes 

What Does Water Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Mean Water damage reconstruction in Norwalk is a recurring theme throughout the restoration of disasters that compromise structural integrity. While the bulk of building services CRS provides happens after much of the recovery takes place, we stay actively involved in all phases of returning a property to its … Read more

Expected Water Damage Reconstruction for New Haven Homes

Needed Water Damage Reconstruction in New Haven? Water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes describes several actions necessary to return the property to pre-loss condition after damaging incidents. From leaks to burst pipes, exposure to water can impact many building materials, including those that create wall assemblies, such as drywall, insulation, and wood framing. Reconstruction … Read more

CRS Objectives of Fire Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Homes

What Fire Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Is Needed? After a fire loss incident, every restoration and repair situation is unique and different. Fire damage reconstruction for Norwalk homes combines several approaches designed to protect the rest of the house from suffering similarly. Our CRS team works through several repair needs for wall systems, ceilings, flooring, … Read more

CRS Helps with Storm Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk

What Storm Damage Reconstruction is Needed in Norwalk? Natural disasters continue to be one of the costliest circumstances impacting homes and businesses throughout the country. From tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms to Nor’easter winter weather events, the threats of extreme weather systems affecting Connecticut are greater than many homeowners might believe. Restoring and reconstruction to … Read more

Mold Can Destroy Structural Elements of Hamden Homes

Is Connecticut Reconstruction the Company for You Mold can be among the most destructive threats to your home or business. As organisms spread through the property, organic matter becomes destroyed by aggressive colonies using building materials as food sources. As qualified and licensed contractors working in post-mold capacities, we have experience in controlled demolition and … Read more

Replacing the Kitchen Structure of Norwalk Homes After Water Damage

When a pipe burst within the walls of your kitchen, many structural elements can become immediately impacted. Not only will professionals need to remove saturated materials around the plumbing, but nearby structural fixtures like cabinets and flooring could also be damaged. Our reconstruction specialists help with efficient demolition and replacement of affected areas. Clearing Debris … Read more

Removing Cabinets and Countertops After a Kitchen Fire in New Haven

A grease fire flaring up in the kitchen can spread quickly and affect many surfaces in the room. Even with a fast extinguishment, many materials in the kitchen could be severely affected, including: Counters Cabinets Tile floors Light fixtures Drywall Assessing the Damage to the Structure The needed fire damage reconstruction for New Haven homes … Read more

How Can a Plumbing Leak Lead to Reconstruction Needs for New Haven Homes?

As necessary as indoor plumbing is for homes and businesses throughout the area, this network of water service lines is also highly vulnerable and susceptible to age, erosion, scaling, or freezing under the right conditions. Even a situation as seemingly minuscule as a dripping leak can have widespread and permanent effects on exposed structural elements. … Read more

Should You Choose the Insurance-Recommended Contractor for Damage to Your Home?

Disasters that leave your home in need of reconstruction and repairs can be a traumatic situation. In many cases, homeowners are unfamiliar with their options. They worry that they might be making the wrong choice by choosing the contractor and restoration team recommended by the insurance provider for the house. There are several positive considerations … Read more

What Materials Does Smoke Damage Harm the Most in Norwalk Homes?

We provide fast and efficient demolition and build-back for destroyed structural materials after a fire in Norwalk homes.  We are trusted remodeling and reconstruction specialists for the entire state, meaning that we are involved with restoration projects from the beginning. We work to secure fire-damaged homes through immediate, controlled demolition efforts designed to prevent greater … Read more

What Repairs Are Needed for Norwalk Homes Damaged by Burst Pipes? 

Our team evaluates the needs of a property to provide the most efficient contracting solution for Norwalk homes.  Burst pipes can be a persistent threat to homes and businesses throughout Connecticut and Norwalk specifically. When these disasters occur, there is often a great need for varied construction and repair, and our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team … Read more

Replacing Kitchen Fixtures After a Fire in Your Waterbury Home

Grease and protein-based fires can be overwhelming for rooms like the kitchen. Hundreds of individual porous surfaces exist that can all be ruined with prolonged soot and smoke damage exposure. Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) provides fast and efficient reconstruction and repair services to minimize the often-costlier aspects of recovery like build-back.  Structural Evaluation of the … Read more

Common Materials That Get Replaced After Water Damage to New Haven Homes

Water and moisture damage can be destructive to many areas of a household. As a trusted contractor, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) team can provide fast and reliable demolition, repair, and complete build-back services where needed.  The Deterioration of Wall Systems and Plumbing Beginning water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes starts with the impact … Read more

Connecticut Reconstruction Services Promotes National Breast Cancer Month for October

Connecticut Reconstruction Services proudly supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and wants to raise awareness for early detection and treatment for breast cancer. Since 1985, October has been observed as the month to promote the use of mammograms and other screening methods for breast cancer. As one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers among women, … Read more

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Flooring Reconstruction and Repairs After Hamden Housefires

Demolition and reinstallation of flooring are often necessary for Hamden homes following fire disasters.  Post-fire damages can often target flooring and similar materials. Reconstruction of structurally compromised floors or ruined wood and carpet involves a careful evaluation of the damage. As leading reconstruction professionals for Connecticut, we are available to thousands of homes throughout our … Read more

The Role of Our Experienced Contractors in Overcoming Mold Damage for New Haven Homes

From controlled demolition to reconstruction, New Haven homes need help after mold damage. As a top reconstruction company in Connecticut, we have built a reputation on comprehensive solutions after disasters like storm and mold damage. As a byproduct of unmanaged humidity or moisture damages, mold can be a destructive force in homes and commercial properties. … Read more

What Reconstruction Needs Exist in Shelton Homes After Burst Pipes?

Overcoming the destruction of a water-damaged Shelton home relies on direct repairs and reconstruction.  Repairs required after burst pipes or ceiling leaks can often be far more extensive than replacing compromised portions of the plumbing network. Connecticut Reconstruction Services meets the needs of damaged properties with a comprehensive solution for repairs, reconstruction, and the actions … Read more

Overcoming the Obstacles of Insurance Reconstruction for Shelton Homes

Post-disaster build-back services require claim approvals by insurance providers covering Shelton homes.  After a damaging disaster to your residence, many homeowners face the choice to cut their losses and purchase a new home or rebuild and repair their current property to its original functionality. This choice is often conditional on the severity of the situation, … Read more

What Water Damage Reconstruction is Needed in New Haven Homes After Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes can flood areas of New Haven homes and cause irreparable damages.  Plumbing damage can leave many materials and areas of the house struggling with overwhelming conditions. Beyond the restoration the home might require, our reconstruction specialists seek to find the most cost-efficient solutions to make it “Even Better Than Before.” Reaching and Repairing … Read more

Repairing the Damages that Severe Weather Can Cause Norwalk Homes

From record-breaking events like Tropical Storm Isaias in 2020 to the frequent severe weather conditions that can threaten Connecticut, repairs and reconstruction are often inevitable. To make your home “Even Better Than Before,” many trust in the experienced and reliable response of our contractors after an emergency. We can even begin working during long-standing power … Read more

What Water Damage Reconstruction is Needed in Waterbury Homes?

From content relocation to emergency structural damage repairs, our team can help when disasters impact Waterbury homes. Excessive water damage can have a disastrous impact on structural elements of local homes and businesses. As a leading restoration and insurance contractor, we have several ways that we can help in each stage of your home’s recovery. … Read more

The Repairs Hamden Properties Need After Mold Damage

When mold damage impacts Hamden homes, our professionals can provide the reconstruction and repair necessary to help.  As leading reconstruction specialists for the state, we can help homes and commercial properties with mold damage concerns. Because half of businesses do not reopen after disasters, we have efficient mold damage reconstruction solutions to restore the property … Read more

What Water Damage Reconstruction is Necessary After Burst Pipes in Hamden Homes?

With how destructive water can be in Hamden properties, repairs and reconstruction are often inevitable. Water damage can be a common threat to homes and businesses in the Hamden area, and with prolonged exposure to building materials, it can be a destructive force. As a reconstruction and repair contractor in the area, we can follow … Read more

What Materials Often Require Replacement After Fires in Norwalk Homes?

Our experienced reconstruction team can identify where fire damage reconstruction is necessary for Norwalk homes.  Fires do not always start in the same way, nor do they spread predictably through a home. Smoke and fire damage to the property can require demolition and reconstruction to begin as soon as restoration efforts complete. Has experience building … Read more

What Common Storm Damage Repairs Are Necessary for Hamden Homes?

After severe weather events, our reconstruction team addresses many pressing needs for area structures.  The entire state of Connecticut has seen multiple severe weather events over the centuries, ranging from blizzards and ice storms to gale-force winds and hurricane conditions. These events can cripple your Hamden home’s structural aspects and require immediate and knowledgeable repairs … Read more

Post-Mold Damage Reconstruction for Norwalk Homes

Competent professionals reconstruct removed building materials to make homes “Even Better Than Before.”  Mold damage reconstruction is often a necessity when colonization gets discovered in your Norwalk home or business. The pace the organism spreads puts multiple materials at risk and can require widespread controlled demolition to protect the house. Demolition Services and Framing  Mold … Read more

What Post-Water Damage Reconstruction is Needed for Norwalk Homes?

Every water disaster might impact Norwalk homes differently, but the need for repairs and reconstruction is a universal staple to restoration. As leading building contractors rooted in insurance work and working with credible restoration specialists, we can provide efficient solutions to repair and rebuild compromised portions of a property to make it “Even Better Than … Read more

Post-Fire Reconstruction Steps for Hamden Homes

We offer a variety of build back and reconstruction services for fire-damaged properties.  When a fire threatens your Hamden home, repairs and reconstruction often follow. Post-fire reconstruction services can begin in the property right away and continue until residents can safely return. Working with Credible Restoration Professionals  Often, the fire damage reconstruction for Hamden that we can do alongside … Read more

What Materials Require Replacement After New Haven Water Damage?

Understanding what building elements likely need replaced can get this work happening faster for area homes.   Because of how completely water can penetrate porous materials used in constructing your New Haven home, many areas of the property suffer considerable losses after prolonged water damage exposure. As an experienced contractor, we must recognize which materials require removal to … Read more

How Does Dry Rot After Mold Damage Need to Get Repaired?

Fungal organisms can have a lasting and damaging presence for wood structural elements.  Dry rot is often not directly associated with mold damage, although it results from a fungal growth affecting Waterbury homes. Once these conditions have taken route with exposed organic matter, there is often a widespread need for demolition and later reconstruction to resolve the … Read more

What Repairs Are Necessary After a Partial Roof Collapse on Hamden Homes?

Weighty snow can buckle roof supports, but repairs can seal up these breaches quickly.  The harsh winter season can leave many Hamden homes and businesses in need of reconstruction and repairs. From pipe bursts that require the demolition and replacement of wall systems to flooding from ice jams from streams and creek beds in the basement that … Read more

Why Do Materials in New Haven Homes Require Removal After Mold Exposure?

Mold can deteriorate building materials to the point of collapse without repairs.  The presence of mold in New Haven homes can be destructive to exposed construction materials. In many situations, demolition is necessary to eliminate colonies and provide a stable foundation to rebuild and repair. Porous materials used in building homes, such as wood studs and framing … Read more

Rebuilding Water-Damaged Carpeted Floors in Your Home

Sensitive flooring types can quickly absorb water damage in Hamden homes to present direct concerns for structural stability and impacted materials’ integrity. Carpeting can allow for the fast movement of water through the porous surface and padding layers. When moisture and water impact areas like the subflooring and supports, the repairs and reconstruction of these materials become … Read more

Fire Damage Reconstruction: A Quick Guide to Repairing Damaged Items After a Fire

For those in Shelton who have experienced house fires, it is well known how devastating these situations can be, especially grease fire flare-ups in the kitchen. With so many sensitive materials surrounding the stovetop, materials like countertops, cabinetry, and drywall can all suffer irreparable damages like blistering and burning. In most situations, the only suitable … Read more

Rebuilding Wall Systems After Pipe Bursts in Waterbury Homes

Water disasters can be destructive to Waterbury homes, destroying exposed porous materials like drywall, insulation, and other building elements. While restoration can help protect more lightly exposed materials, our building trade professionals are often dispatched to help these technicians with controlled demolition, repairs, and the need to reconstruct damaged areas of the house to make it “Even … Read more

What Areas of Your Shelton Home Commonly Need Mold Reconstruction?

After mold damages, many areas of your Shelton home might be severely compromised and require replacement.  Mold feeds on organic matter, which is almost exclusively the makeup of your Shelton home’s construction. With so many exposed materials susceptible to compromise and degradation, widespread controlled demolition and reconstruction are necessary when mold persists for extended periods. As a … Read more

Repairing a Damaged Waterbury Kitchen After a Fire Loss

The kitchen area of Waterbury homes can be among the most common places on a property to encounter fire damages. Mismanaged cooking in various appliances and stovetops can quickly ignite vulnerable materials nearby and spread loss effects throughout the room. While there are several steps for restorers, professionals like our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team also have several … Read more

Replacing Materials Quickly on Load Bearing Walls of New Haven Homes

Water damage can compromise construction materials and structural elements, making it necessary to repair and replace to make it “Even Better Than Before.” Water damage to New Haven structures can spread quickly throughout the property and affect the bulk of structural elements and building materials. The longer that water sits against these elements, the more likely the … Read more

Repairing Waterbury Roof Damages After a Storm

Powerful storms expected to impact Waterbury homes and businesses can often first damage the roofs of these structures. From hail to heavy snowfall, trusses and joists are asked to withstand substantial weights, high winds, and other compromising conditions that can permanently harm these elements’ structural integrity. From missing shingles and split seams on metal roofs to deteriorating underlayment … Read more

Repairing Damaged Wall Systems After Water Damages

It is not uncommon for water utility lines to be hidden within the walls of Waterbury homes and businesses, as this provides a more pleasing aesthetic as well as functionality. When pipes burst, as is common for homes with inadequate insulation on water lines during cold snaps in the winter, these hidden pipes create substantial water concerns … Read more

Common Structural Concerns After Severe Weather in Waterbury

Since reliable weather recording in the 1930s, Waterbury has seen a total of 25 hurricane events. These circumstances can devastate hundreds of homes and businesses throughout our service area simultaneously as the violent storm passes over Connecticut. Addressing the structural concerns immediately can help to reduce damaging effects to the property, such as flooding, mold growth, bacterial … Read more

Rebuilding and Repairing Mold-Damaged Waterbury Homes

The presence of mold in your Waterbury home can be a stressful discovery. With how quickly this organism can spread, there are several materials and contents within your home that could become affected. While professional remediation is often the best solution for addressing the immediate concerns, you also must consider the steps necessary to repair … Read more

Specialized Storm Damage Reconstruction in Waterbury

Here in Waterbury, many of the homes and businesses that have relied on our fast and trusted experience in the building trades have suffered at the hands of storm damage. As a reconstruction company, we can work alongside qualified restoration professionals to offer pre-mitigation solutions like controlled demolition and temporary construction.  Passing weather events can leave … Read more

Waterbury Home Repairs after Water Damage

The fast migration of water damages in a Waterbury home can have disastrous effects on the property. While restoration teams work around the clock to recover what areas of your house that can get saved and protected, it is up to experienced contractors like our Connecticut Reconstruction Services roster to manage the structural damages that … Read more

Nail Beyond Salon Make-Over

Look at the transformation from a flooded salon depicted by the water damaged walls and flooring to the dynamic nail stations ready to pamper our client’s clients! Our skilled tradesmen at CRS worked neatly to isolate the dust and demolition from damaging the fixtures, cosmetics, and other items while the reconstruction was underway. The modern … Read more

Structural Damage to a Framed Dwelling

When a vehicle impacted the insulated garage door, the damage also occurred to the vinyl siding and the framing. CRS works with the insurance adjuster to establish a fair and equity remedy resulting in a safe and secure restoration of the property. We can board up the garage opening to ensure the safety of the … Read more

Kitchen Fire Restoration

The grease fire in this Bristol kitchen resulted in a thick, black residue on the walls, ceiling, appliances, and the wall cabinets. Our CRS team can remove the residues, refinish the cabinet doors—even adding more modern handles—and freshen up the entire kitchen. The completed view from the dining room illustrates our well-earned tagline, “EVEN BETTER … Read more

Does Mold Damage in New Haven Homes Always Require Reconstruction?

Persistent moisture in your New Haven home can often lead to the development and spread of destructive mold colonies. While remediation efforts often fall to our professional restoration partners that we have in the industry, we have become trusted names in the reconstruction and rebuilding that is often necessary after these damaging organisms have spread … Read more

Water Damage Calls for Reconstruction

Water Damage in a New Haven Calls for a Complete Home Reconstruction A significant amount of water damaged the basement of this home. We arrived quickly and removed all of the damaged building materials. Fans and dehumidifiers were set up throughout the basement to remove the excess moisture from the structure. Once the basement was … Read more

Reconstruction Needs for New Haven Homes After Housefires

Reconstruction Needs for New Haven Homes After Housefires Fire Damage Reconstruction New Haven, CT Fires can be a destructive force in New Haven homes that ends up destroying many materials and contents the spreading fire encounters. Combustion of materials like drywall and wood framing can render these materials too severely damaged for restoration efforts to … Read more

What Are Common Post-Water Loss Construction Needs for New Haven Homes?

Water losses, especially those that allow standing surface water to remain exposed to structural elements for several days, can be a destructive force in your New Haven home. Reconstruction after restoration involves many intricate processes that many homeowners might not consider or realize. Water damage reconstruction in New Haven homes often involves the reinstallation of … Read more

Wind Damaged Metal Awning in Waterbury

The swift and severe wind storm battered the metal awnings and the exterior aluminum door of this home in Waterbury. Our skilled CRS tradesmen can remove the awning, power-wash it, bend back a few sections and set up new support struts. Our customer was pleased to see the clean awning back in place, “Even Better … Read more

Danbury Home Suffers Fire and Water Devastation

The fireplace, the source of the house fire in this Danbury home, resulted in extreme damage to the entire structure. The skilled tradesmen from CRS understand the requirements for a build back to the specifications of our clients’ wishes. The Before and After Photos depict the fire and water damage, the cleanup and demolition of … Read more

Water Loss in a Connecticut Basement Build Back

Once our partners from SERVPRO dried and disinfected this Connecticut basement, our team from CRS took over the build back. We follow with the reconstruction from installing new batten insulation and hanging new sheetrock with our drywall lifter and an array of tools. Our skilled tradesmen perform seamless mud and taping, followed by sanding. The … Read more

Post-Water Damage Build Back in New Haven Homes

Post-Water Damage Build Back in New Haven Homes Not all water loss incidents require demolition and reconstruction, but when they do, it can be a challenge to acquire both reputable restoration and reconstruction services for your New Haven property. Because of our established relationship with SERVPRO, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can seamlessly transition into … Read more

Storm Damage Reconstruction New Haven CT

Common Storm Damages Requiring Repair on New Haven Homes Fierce storm systems are nothing new to those living here in New Haven, having seen substantial structural losses after hurricanes like Irene and Sandy, flood and emergency plans have become commonplace for residents and business owners alike. Picking up the pieces after these considerable losses is … Read more

Very Professional, Helpful and Informative

Hi Michael, Many thanks for the wonderful job you all did in reconstructing my laundry/storage room.  I am very happy with the results – it looks great! Craig, yourself and Mario were very professional, helpful and informative which made my decisions a little easier.  You all went out of your way to make me a very … Read more

Reconstruction for Walls

Replacing Drywall After Hamden Water Damage Working closely with many of the restoration teams in the area has given our professionals a unique perspective on recovery efforts in Hamden homes after water losses. With a dried structure, our CRS team can begin the controlled demolition of damaged construction materials and build back your home needs. … Read more

Areas Irreparably Damaged by Substantial Shelton House Fires

Areas Irreparably Damaged by Substantial Shelton House Fires Structure fires can lead to irreversible damages throughout a Shelton home. While we might have a direct relationship with the large loss restoration provider SERVPRO in our area, many homeowners need to realize the likelihood of repairs and reconstruction after even moderately successful restoration techniques. Many areas … Read more

Water Damage Build Back

Water Damage Build Back The second-floor pedestal sink overflowed for several hours, and gravity directed the water. The liquid migrated down through the floor joists and sheathing and damaged the walls and the ceilings in the below kitchen and hallway. After our skilled team completed a tear-out and removal of all non-salvageable materials and fixtures, … Read more

Commercial Work

Check out some photos from past commercial work we’ve done. [av_masonry_gallery ids=’1084,1112,1129,1130′ items=’24’ columns=’flexible’ paginate=’pagination’ size=’flex’ orientation=” gap=’large’ overlay_fx=’active’ animation=’active’ container_links=’active’ id=” caption_elements=’none’ caption_styling=” caption_display=’always’ color=” custom_bg=” av-medium-columns=” av-small-columns=” av-mini-columns=” av_uid=’av-7yl6w’]

Past Work

Past Work Here are some photos from past residential jobs we’ve completed. [av_masonry_gallery ids=’1083,1112,1114,1119,1120,1121,1122,1123,1124,1125′ items=’24’ columns=’flexible’ paginate=’pagination’ size=’flex’ orientation=” gap=’large’ overlay_fx=’active’ animation=’active’ container_links=’active’ id=” caption_elements=’none’ caption_styling=” caption_display=’always’ color=” custom_bg=” av-medium-columns=” av-small-columns=” av-mini-columns=” av_uid=’av-2nulie’]

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire In this case a stove fire scorches a kitchen, leaving the rest of the structure intact. The challenge in this situation is to mitigate the extensive odor and soot throughout the rest of the structure. Working with our mitigation partners at Servpro, we cleaned the otherwise undamaged contents of the home and removed … Read more

The Final Stages of Mold Recovery for Your Shelton Home

The Final Stages of Mold Recovery for Your Shelton Home Mold is not something you can often address in your Shelton home quickly, as there are multiple stages in removing active colonies while protecting as much of the installed construction materials as possible. Because we have a trusted restoration partnership with a large loss recovery … Read more

Repairing and Remodeling After Mold Damage in New Haven

The discovery of mold in your New Haven home can be a hazardous obstacle, and can often significantly damage structural elements and construction materials used in your home. While you can trust in remediation professionals to handle the immediate colony suppression and removal, our CRS team can handle the reconstruction and remodeling needs of your … Read more

Rebuilding Your New Haven Finished Basement After Mold Damage

Finished basements are a common staple to modern construction throughout New Haven. Added living space and usable square footage increases the value of your home and can even prevent families from outgrowing a residence and requiring a larger property for new family members. Subterranean levels are not without potential concerns, however. Hydrostatic pressures from groundwater … Read more

Bender Factory Renovation

Bender Factory Renovation Bender Plumbing Supply House in Waterbury CT expands with the help of CRS Connecticut Reconstruction Services. These are Photos of the renovation of an old factory building in Waterbury that we converted to a showroom for Bender, a supply house for decorative plumbing, kitchen and bath cabinetry, lighting, tile, and stone. Meticulous … Read more

Hurricane Sandy Coastal Restoration / Renovation

Hurricane Sandy Coastal Restoration / Renovation These Photos were taken from the multi-level deck and interior of a home still under reconstruction as part of a renovation project. As you can see, it is located on the coast and has exposure to high surf. The home experienced significant structural damage from Hurricane Sandy. I communicated … Read more

Before & After Complete Reconstruction

Before & After Complete Reconstruction What started as a minor water damage restoration in the kitchen of this home, finished with a complete renovation and addition of a second story. The owner wished for a larger home to accommodate his growing family and decided to take advantage of our CRS Connecticut Reconstruction Services capabilities. The … Read more

Colonial Demolition and Construction

Colonial Demolition and Construction Before & After Complete Reconstruction – This home was set for a renovation, but during demolition, we discovered that the foundation and structure were severely compromised and dilapidated. Due to the poor condition of the home and its archaic design, our client agreed with my assessment to raze the structure and … Read more

Professional Storm Damage Reconstruction for Shelton Homes

Shelton homeowners know almost exactly when to expect storms to come rolling in off Long Island Sound. Few other people in our area can prepare for worse like they can get ready for what is coming before Thanksgiving. Despite the preparation, damage can still happen. For professional storm damage reconstruction, Shelton residents know to call … Read more

Professional Fire Damage Reconstruction for New Haven Neighborhoods

With New Haven Harbor for a southern border, area homeowners usually look to the sky for incoming rain rather than smoke. While most fires usually result in smoke damage that requires a thorough cleaning rather than a need for major demolition and rebuilding. When it happens though, Connecticut Reconstruction Services is here to help New … Read more

Full-Service Insurance Reconstruction For Shelton Homes

With the Housatonic River to the East, Shelton residents are at a slightly higher risk of flooding as well as the risk of other disasters common to our area. Take residential fires and mold infestations for examples. Regardless of the kind of disaster, Connecticut Reconstruction Services provides full-service insurance reconstruction to Shelton homeowners. If the … Read more

Reconstruction Services After Storm Damage to New Haven Neighborhoods

The extreme weather over the last few years resulted in some very unusual, and powerful, storms that damaged homes here in New Haven. As a full-service construction and restoration company, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can perform every task from boarding up broken windows to laying in a new roof, and also ensure each homeowner receives every … Read more

Residential and Commercial Reconstruction After Water Damage in New Haven

Although New Haven residents have to deal with the effects of extreme weather on occasion, most water intrusions into area homes and businesses are the result of broken plumbing or faulty appliances like a broken dishwasher or a high-level cut-off switch that fails on a water heater. Many of these incidents are small in comparison … Read more