Areas Irreparably Damaged by Substantial Shelton House Fires

Areas Irreparably Damaged by Substantial Shelton House Fires

Structure fires can lead to irreversible damages throughout a Shelton home. While we might have a direct relationship with the large loss restoration provider SERVPRO in our area, many homeowners need to realize the likelihood of repairs and reconstruction after even moderately successful restoration techniques. Many areas of your home require attention after a fire, and our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help.

Charring and burning of surfaces and materials make fire damage reconstruction for Shelton homes a must. Depending on the heat of the disaster and the speed of the burn, certain materials throughout the house are most susceptible to irreparable damage.

What is checked during fire damage reconstruction in a Shelton, CT property.


Because of a convection effect during a fire, ceilings and upper wall portions can get coated with acidic soot and become more vulnerable to the exceptional heat of the blazing fire. In many situations, these materials must get removed by our contractors. We inspect the integrity of joists and other framings to ensure we can rehang drywall when replacing the ceiling.


Wood and carpeting require replacement after demolition as well. In some scenarios, our CRS contractors must even replace the OSB or plywood support and subflooring material. With flooring entirely stripped away, we can replace the base of an entire room to your specifications, even renovating and remodeling with a different look and feel for the damaged room.


Because so many fire losses originate in the kitchen, areas like the cabinets can be a total loss that must get removed and ultimately replaced. We can reinstall cabinets, countertops, and other structural elements in the path of the spreading fire effects. We also realize that rebuilding your kitchen area might be the best time to change the layout and look of this room since we are starting from the studs and underlayment. We can offer a complete redesign of your living space to accommodate your vision.

Fires can be devastating to your home, but our Connecticut Reconstruction Services contractors can help you make it “Even better than before.” No matter what your home needs after a structure fire, give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.

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